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What is Vibrational Meditation?

Vibrational Meditation.

So, what exactly is Vibrational Meditation? When you operate from a high vibration you deepen your connection with source energy. You begin to make a quantum leap of sorts into the very best version of yourself. Your mind, body, and spirit will begin to balance out in perfect harmony and as a result, you will naturally feel amazing with Vibrational Meditation. Basically, your overall wellbeing will be enhanced. And we all need that right now, right?


Because of the sound frequencies used and the actual SOUND effects used. You will be put into such a POWERFUL state of mind, that the only thing that can come to you is wealth using Vibrational Meditation.  

Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and relationally. All because of Vibrational Meditation!

Now, we all think on frequencies. And a frequency is a level of vibration. Our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts and feelings control the vibrations of our body. The vibrations that you’re in, command what you attract into your life. The energy you send out into the universe always comes back to you. So, if your negative, frustrated, angry or nervous all the time, that’s what comes back into your life as well.

What we want, of course, is to feel good, so to be in a good, high, vibration. When you don’t feel good you’re in a bad, or low, vibration. There is a very well-known vibrational emotion chart which shows you the different emotions with higher and lower vibrations. On the bottom of this pyramid you will find emotions such as: Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief and Fear. While on the top you will find positive emotions like: Love, Joy and Piece.

Emotional Frequency Chart. What is Vibrational Meditation?

When you’re in a more negative vibration, you will attract negative people into your life. Because someone who is on a high (positive) vibration wouldn’t feel comfortable being around you. Like attracts like, so you will attract negative people into your life.

But when you feel positive you can also bring someone else to your higher vibration. You can get them out of their negativity just by talking to them. And once you know how to do this for someone else, you will also be able to do it for yourself when you feel down!

One thing that is very important on vibrational frequencies is setting goals! When you have a goal in life, you shouldn’t wait around until you have enough money to do it. You should just make the decision to do it. Make the decision to do and buy whatever it is that you want! Never think about how you do not have the tools to do or buy whatever you want. Make the decision to do it and get on the right frequency.

It is only when you come in harmony with the things you want in life, they will start appearing. You can learn all about that in Tom and Ania’s Vibrational Meditation courses I offer on this website.

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