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Why I started Meditating.

The first time I became aware of the power…

I first became aware of the power of Meditation and positive Affirmations early 2020. Up until then I had done some yoga and Meditation for years, however never really on a deep level. In 2019 we decided to travel the world for a year starting April, 2020. So, we bought a van, converted it into a Camper in about six months and wanted to start traveling the world in April 2020. Both of us had quit our jobs and we left our little apartment (to save costs during the travels). We where all ready to go! And then…

Cancel our travels..!

It was just around that time that due to Covid-19 all the borders closed around us. After that we were kind of stuck. At first we had high hopes that it all wouldn’t last that long and surely we would be able to start our travels in a few weeks.. a few months tops.

But during the following six months it became more and more clear to us that it wasn’t going to happen this year. We didn’t know what to do! At that point we had no house to return to and in addition we had no income. (We were planning to do some remote work during the trip.)

The Law of Attraction.

After that we naturally felt kind of down. Knowing that we couldn’t do what we were planning for almost a year now really got to us. And it was hard to find the positive things during the day. Somewhere during those first six months I got to watch the documentary The Secret for the first time. It was such an eye-opener! This was the first time I ever heard about The Law of Attraction. I had no idea of the power of your own mind up until that point and I now realized what I was doing to myself in my mind. That’s the moment I realized that if I wanted to get out of this situation, the power was in my own hands.

For the following weeks I started doing Meditation. Practiced the Law Of Attraction, read all about it and started visualizing having a house again. I started thinking about it as though it was already a reality. And I can tell you now… After spending six months in the camper, we got a little house again since September!! It’s not our perfect home, but we can start over again.

Camper travel. Positive Affirmatation. Online meditation course. Why I started Meditating
On a good day 🙂

I was really amazed with this power of manifesting and have been learning more and more about it ever since. Tom and Ania’s 3 courses I offer here are amazing ways to start doing this for yourself. Today, I’m still learning a lot. However, I feel more positive then ever! In addition to all this I even know now what kind of business I want to start for myself. Now i can focus all I have learned on making it the success I want it to be…

Read more about the Law of Attraction here!

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